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Introducing the Quantum Quartz Collection

June 03, 2023

Introducing the Quantum Quartz Collection

Inspired by crystal energy, numerology, the quantum field and the elements of Ayurveda, this collection is designed to attune your energy to become clear and advance to a life of fulfilment. A reminder to stay balanced, connected and ultimately the happiest version of yourself for a content life.

With all I’ve learnt about crystals over the years, for me, it always comes back to the quartz family. It’s one of the most abundant materials on the planet but when we look at it scientifically, quartz has a unique ability to amplify and absorb energy. It’s not just a coincidence that it’s used in modern technology. Quartz regulates the flow of power and generates electrical signals. Wearing quartz can attune the energy levels of your body, providing a cleansing and energising effect.

Being energetically healthy allows an easy flow of energy through our bodies which turns on our electromagnetic field which carries our thoughts and desires into the quantum field. The quantum field is a frequency that’s filled with possibility and information. It is where everything is possible. We can only access this through pure consciousness and in complete coherence. It’s only then that we can begin to create from the quantum field and start to attract what we want into our lives. This is a huge inspiration behind these designs to aid in harmonising your energy into complete coherence.

Further amplifying this collection's power is the introduction of numerology from the number 4. Four sides, Four crystals, each piece has a link to this number which represents creation and is known to be dedicated to advancing to a life of contentment.


Clear Quartz

The quartz for clarity. Restoring and regulating your energy whilst neutralising and balancing.

Smokey Quartz

The quartz for absorption of negativity, pruning of the weeds within our energy centres with a grounding and calming effect.


The quartz for joy. Warm rays of sunshine to make the seeds you’ve planted start to blossom. Full of positivity and optimism welcoming abundance and opportunities.


The quartz for duality. Combining the properties of both amethyst and citrine this is a powerhouse of energy that offers balance and connection. Bringing serenity and stimulating creativity.

Green Amethyst

The quartz of generosity, offering fertility and stability. Clearing the way for your authenticity to shine and receive what you deserve. A symbol of self respect and well-being.

Find your inner balance

I wanted to make it easy for you to understand your own energy and if you might be experiencing blockages. To be able to diagnose imbalances in your energy centres giving you an informed decision on the best pieces for you. That's why I created a Chakra and Energy Balancing Guide, to help you understand, diagnose and rebalance your energy.


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