Cosmoss x Amy Russell Taylor

COSMOSS, the beauty and wellbeing brand founded by Kate Moss and Amy Russell Taylor® have come together to introduce a bespoke crystal amulet into her mindfully curated COSMOSS product range. The Oracle dial bridges the gap between the cosmos and your being. A triad of crystals to aid trust and understanding of the inner you and ‘knowing’ born from the Oracle within, allowing universal protection to flow all around you.

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The Oracle Dial | The Collaboration

Kate’s daily rituals, in tune and balanced with the circadian cycles, have always included the guiding and healing properties of crystals. It was this affinity and mutual respect for the beauty and power of gemstones that led Kate to first wear Amy’s original spinning stone necklace.

Crafting the perfect combination to compliment COSMOSS’s holistic approach to self-care and inner peace, the Oracle Dial was designed for COSMOSS to be the ultimate key for opening your heart to the universe and connecting you to the cosmos. The Oracle Dial contains a powerful triad of Blue Topaz, Prasiolite and Black Sapphire. Sat within a design that continuously flows with every movement of the body, this piece aligns you to be the ultimate receptor for the purest vibrations that are in continuous motion around us.

Cosmic Connection | The Oracle Crystals

Step confidently and powerfully into the energy surrounding you and bridge the gap between the cosmos and your being. This powerful dial steadies the nervous system to receive what you’re seeking, aligning your ambitions and desires with the purest of energetical vibrations to flow freely and bring forth all that which will serve you.


The Oracle Gift Set | COSMOSS Sacred Mist

Mood-boosting, sensual, blissful: the Sacred Mist envelops you with its hypnotic yet grounding fragrance. Carefully chosen essential oils create a special ritual for body and spirit, acting on both the skin and olfactory receptors to bring emotional balance and provide a sense of inner peace.

Pair The Oracle Dial necklace with the memorising scent of COMOSS’s Sacred Mist to create an exclusive gift set that will bring forth a sense of daily calm and magic. Complemented with a Palo Santo Cleansing Stick to cleanse your space, aura and crystals, use this powerful set before embarking on your daily self-care routine.