People - Planet - Universe - Amy Russell Taylor

Amy’s jewellery is designed with intention. To hold meaning and resonance with you to become more than an aesthetic. When we connect on an emotional level with something or someone, we strengthen our cognitive range and develop a more positive outlook on life. Many of Amy’s pieces represent a bond with loved ones as well a more profound connection to our planet and the energy of the universe. 

“I hope to inspire others to genuinely take care of themselves, the people around them and our planet. To contribute to the universal energy around us in an impactful and positive way. I believe the way to do that is to just GET HAPPY! Operate from a place of love and authenticity. I hope my creations evoke those emotions for you and encourage you to keep striving for a life of contentment, live in a frequency of gratitude and welcome love into your life on every level.” - Amy

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Amy takes inspiration from the loves of her life and one of those is where she lives. She tries to ensure that each element of her business is operating as ethically and sustainably as possible. She’ll be the first to tell you she’s not perfect but she never stops learning and educating herself on how to be better.

“I try to be as sensitive as I can to each process within my business and make sure I leave a positive impact as I go. I want to ensure longevity for my work and the only way to do that is to focus on the longevity of our planet at the same time.” - Amy


Holistic Well-being

As part of Amy’s personal well-being journey it was important for her to create a space to showcase the products, rituals and resources that help her live well. With awareness and detail on each aspect of her life, her curation encourages a holistic approach to well-being, creating the balance and harmony you need for a fulfilled life. She takes great enjoyment in connecting with other creatives that compliment her own ethics and share the same mission statement to enrich people's lives.

“The smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference.”
- Unknown

A recommendation, a tag on socials or a personal email is what reassures Amy of her impact and keeps the love being paid forward.

Energy | Amy’s beliefs

“Our energy field stores memories of the emotional and physical events that have happened throughout our lives and some events can create disturbances which manifest in physical and emotional dis-ease, discomfort, and the inability to achieve our desires.
Self limiting beliefs that we have programmed into our subconscious become the narrative of our story rather than the wishes and desires we hold in our minds.
Everything is energy. Everything vibrates. I believe that if we surround ourselves with vibrations that match our desires, such as crystals, we can start to raise our vibrations and start living the life we want. Much like finding our favourite music station, we just need to tune into the right frequency.”

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