MEET AMY - Amy Russell Taylor


My passion for jewellery has been inherent from a young age, always rummaging through my grandmother's jewellery box whenever I could sneak it out of her dresser drawer. But my passion for design began after the birth of my first born. Taking a career break to raise a family, I found the freedom to explore my creativity further and discovered the world of jewellery making. After attending different jewellery making courses, and indulging in a lot of self teaching, I was ready to launch my journey from a tiny cupboard in my home. Not long after that I graduated to a converted garage studio and as the business has grown I am now on the cusp of moving into purpose made studio space. 

I always need my jewellery to have a purpose and deeper meaning. I believe that jewellery becomes part of your soul and holds your energy and a piece of your character. For me, jewellery becomes a representation of the moments of your life and the people in it so my focus when designing is always with that deep connection at the forefront. 

A lot of my pieces are customisable as I believe jewellery is an exceptionally personal thing. To invite people into the design process by selecting their own crystals, metals and chain lengths, as well as engraving with names or special moments, enhances their connection to that piece. I love to take inspiration from vintage pieces which I feel gives my designs a longevity of timeless style with my own unique twist. I aspire to always create pieces that are multidimensional and have real depth of layers. 

My business is a window to my life so the journeys that I am on personally will always be reflected within my brand and it has become somewhat of a hybrid business model vs the conventional! I am mindful of elevating my energy to give out to the world exactly what I want to receive from it so I operate from a place of authenticity and make all my decisions intuitively and with the best intentions for all. Most people place great significance on the pieces of jewellery they wear and each piece tells a story. Being able to tell my story through my designs and have it translated by the people who wear them is truly empowering. Made by hand and with love, I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I enjoy creating them!