MEET AMY - Amy Russell Taylor


I have always been a creative, studying numerous disciplines at colleges and ultimately ending in a position of a Personal and Creative Assistant to an entrepreneur. This saw me designing websites and marketing material for all his businesses as well as creating architectural illustrations by hand. Creativity runs in my blood and I have dipped into most things artistic throughout my life but nothing gave me the bug quite like jewellery!

My passion for jewellery has been inherent from a young age, always rummaging through my grandmothers jewellery box whenever I could sneak it out of her dresser drawer. But my passion for design began after the birth of my first born. Taking a career break to raise a family, I found the freedom to explore my creativity further and discovered the world of jewellery making. After attending different jewellery making courses, and indulging in a lot of self teaching, I was completely ensconced in the world of jewellery! 

With one of my children smoothly transitioned into school life, I was one child down and gaining an uncontrollable itch I just had to scratch! 5 years into sacrificing all things "me", there was only one thing for it.................multitask my way through this mummy day care, school running, extra curricular activity juggling life with finding any time possible to get in my studio! My debut collection was launched in September '17 and now, with two children in school, the balance has changed again.  My business continues to grow organically with my changing lifestyle and I am very excited for what the future has to offer. ​

​My goal when starting my line was to create modern, yet timeless pieces. I wanted pieces that were classic, personal and unique. My signature style is moveable, adaptable, multitasking jewellery.

Most people place great significance on the pieces of jewellery they wear and each piece tells a story. Being able to tell my story through my designs and have it translated by the people who wear them is truly empowering. Made by hand and with love, I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I enjoy creating them!