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3 Step Guide to Re-Balance your Energy

May 16, 2023

3 Step Guide to Re-Balance your Energy

There are many activities and rituals that can help re-balance our energy centres and there are also many amazing energy healers out there that can do the hard work for you. But I also think it’s important to maintain balance of your energy as much as we maintain our oral hygiene. As much as I would love to leave it all to the dentist there would be detrimental effects if I stopped brushing my teeth.

One of my favourite things is simply walking barefoot on the grass. When I have a lazy morning I take my cuppa outside with me and stand on the lawn barefoot feeling the sun on my face. Almost like I’m charging myself up (Wall-e comes to mind). It’s so simple but it genuinely makes me feel good

When I’m feeling out of sorts I like to take my palo santo cleansing stick and waft it around myself, my home and all my crystals with the intention of capturing all bad vibes in the smoke which dissipate together. Let’s not forget that the people you live with can also dump a load of bad energy in your space and you end up picking up the negative energy that doesn’t even belong to you. So every now and then your home needs a good energy clean. Sometimes, the ritual of that is simply enough for me to rebalance but sometimes, I need more. 



We all have an electromagnetic field of energy which should flow easily through and around us. When you look at the diagram above, this is how our energy should look and flow. If we experience a succession of stressful situations, traumas or generally can’t get past a certain event that upset us, it builds up blockages and stops this flow of energy.

Our lower chakras are known as the survival chakras as they are responsible for the basic needs of survival! Our sex organs for reproduction, our digestion of food and our fight or flight mode in the pit of our stomach that allows us to deal with predators. But it’s very different to be faced with a hungry lion stalking you (which you 100% need your fight or flight mode switched on) and someone saying something that upsets you. Your body releases the same chemicals into that energy centre but there’s no lion to run from so this energy gets stored in your body and builds a block, stopping the flow of energy. 

If you really want to go all in I would recommend Dr Joe Dispenza’s “pineal gland activation breathing technique” during his guided meditations. It takes practice but once you get it, it’s the godfather of unblocking, clearing and resetting your energy. A must read is his book “Becoming Supernatural” to fully understand what you’re actually doing.




But you could also try this when you have a quiet moment to yourself which I find works well for a bit of maintenance. 


  • Cleanse your space with palo santo or white sage
  • Light your favourite smelling candle or essential oil in a burner. Our sense of smell is so closely linked to the root chakra and helps ground you. 

  • Get your crystals ready (don’t worry if you don’t have any. It can be done without). I like to lay down with a crystal positioned on each chakra. See my chakra guide for suggestions but also go with whatever feels good for you. Wearing your crystal jewellery is also a great way to do this.

  • Put some frequency music on or anything that you find relaxing. I love Alanis Morrisette's - The Storm Before the Calm

  • I like to wear a sleep mask and headphones to listen to music in order to quieten my other senses as much as possible. 


  • Start at your root chakra and work your way up to your crown chakra. Refer to my chakra guide if you’re not already familiar with the location of your energy centres. 

  • Imagine a ball of energy in that area that is around the size of a basketball and a bit fuzzy round the edges. You’re going to visualise your hands bringing the size of that ball to around the size of a tennis ball. Imagine cupping the ball and slowly condensing it until you have your tennis ball in place (on your chakra). Then turn the ball 3 times anticlockwise and 3 times clockwise. You’re then going to imagine it glowing with a golden white light which is clearing your ball of all the “fuzz”.

  • Now we move to the sacral chakra and do the same thing. Once you’ve turned it anti-clockwise and clockwise the flow of light will continue to flow from your root chakra into the sacral connecting them. 

  • Now move to the solar plexus and keep the flow of light going. All your chakras remain glowing and spinning at the same speed. 

  • Now your heart chakra. I always like to take a deep breath at this point and really feel my heart opening and enlarging. Repeat the process and allow the light to continue up clearing and cleansing. 

  • Now onto the throat chakra. Again, breathe deep and repeat. 

  • Now the third eye chakra. Imagine the light getting even brighter when it flows into this energy centre as it reaches the penultimate chakra. Your energy is building.  

  • Lastly your crown chakra which will glow the brightest of all and allow your entire body to be flooded with cleansing golden white light. Visualise all of your centres that you have pulled back to size and illuminated with a golden white light spinning in harmony, glowing and all the same size and in alignment. Almost like a tube running through your body that’s now unblocked.

  • Now picture your field of energy like the diagram we referred to early and how easily it flows up from your root, through your body, out of your crown and back around your body down to your root chakra to flow through all again. You’ve reinstated a forcefield like aura around you. An infinite flow of energy through and around you that’s as personal to you as your personality.

  • Most importantly, you now need to fill all that space you’ve just cleared and aligned with loving, positive energy. For me, I think of all my happy thoughts - doing cartwheels in the fields as a child, family holidays, loved ones, feeling the sun shining on my face. Sit in this space for as long as it takes for you to get that feeling of contentment. A sign for me that I’ve done it is when I can genuinely feel my heart. I don’t know how to explain how you feel your heart but we’ve all felt it. Almost like you can feel it growing in size or opening up. The ultimate is to feel like it’s literally going to explode. 


  • Ground yourself by drinking water or better yet, stand barefoot outside. 
  • Protect this energy that you’ve just nurtured. Put something you enjoy into your least favourite chores so as to not dip your vibe. I will play music when I unload the dishwasher or reward myself with a treat when I have to put fuel in the car. Basically find the fun in all you do or put some fun into it.
  • Notice each and every simple thing around you that you’re grateful for. Like having a car in the first place that I need to fuel up!
  • Picture your forcefield when negative energy is incoming to bounce it back off. Your own personal vortex that’s impenetrable by others. 

Sometimes it’s easier said than done but, once you’ve balanced yourself and raised your emotional state, it’s not so easy to throw you off. And, of course, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at recognising when you might be a little off balance.

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With Love



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