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Pendulum Power

June 05, 2024

Pendulum Power

So What Does It All Mean?

In its simplest form, a pendulum is a weighted object—often a crystal or gemstone—suspended from a string or chain. It’s a tool that's been used for centuries to gain insights, answer questions, and connect with deeper energies. Think of it as your personal cosmic hotline.

Using your crystal necklace as a pendulum is a fun and insightful way to chat with your inner wizard! Once you figure out your yes, no, and maybe, it becomes a handy tool to tune into your inner oracle and guide you through daily life.

Now, let's be clear—this isn't a crystal ball that can predict the future (though wouldn't that be nice?). It's more like a hotline to your highest self, who already has all the answers you need. I firmly believe in a higher connection to the divine, and once we master the art of tuning into that, we can really start trusting our intuition. Plus, it’s comforting to know we’re backed by the universe's good vibes.

How Does It Work?

Follow my simple how to guide to set your pendulum to ensure you undertand the answers it's giving you.

  • Start by cleaning your crystal and hold the necklace by the chain so it hangs vertically.
  • Ask a question you already know to be true e.g. Is my name _______? Make a note of the direction that the crystal moves (side to side / front to back / round in a circle) as this is your personal movement for YES.
  • Repeat with a question you know to be false to geet your movement for NO e.g. Do I live on the moon?
  • Repeat with a question you are unsure of to get your movement for MAYBE e.g. Will it be sunny on my birthday next year?
  • Your necklace is now ready to receive your questions and help guide you.

Remember to ask yes/no questions and nothing that is asking yourself to "predict" the outcome. So rather than "will I meet the love of my life this year?" try "am I ready to receive romantic, forever love this year?" That way you can gain insights into whether there might still be some inner demons to slay that are busy batting off any eledgable love interest that comes your way!

Also, keep in mind that the pendulum is reflecting your subconscious thoughts and energies. If you’re feeling stressed or distracted, your pendulum might give you some funky readings. So, try to approach it with a clear mind and open heart.

Let's Get Practical

Pendulums can be incredibly versatile and help with lots of things that we may not "think" we already have the answers to.

  • Decision Making: Stuck between two choices? Ask your pendulum for guidance.
  • Finding Lost Objects: Channel your inner detective and let your pendulum point you in the right direction.
  • Energy Checks: Use your pendulum to check the energy of a room or object. Is it positive, neutral, or negative?
  • Meditation and Reflection: Incorporate your pendulum into your meditation practice to deepen your insights.

Instant Inner Access

Here are my favourite crystals for instant inner access and everyting you need to know about them.

Embrace The Signs

Crystals can help us connect more deeply with ourselves and trust our intuition—when they're not busy playing tricks on us, that is. Sometimes, these mischievous little gems seem to have minds of their own! If I can't set a stone properly or keep dropping it, I take it as a sign. I’ll check out its properties and wonder if the universe is nudging me to work on something in my life.

Try paying attention to little mishaps that might happen with your crystals. Look up their meanings and ask yourself if there might be something in your life that requires your attention. By doing so, you might discover hidden messages and insights that can guide you towards a more balanced and harmonious life.

Remember, while the outer beauty of crystals is captivating, their true power lies within. Embrace their energy, and let them help you connect with your inner self.