Spring Equinox Ritual - Amy Russell Taylor

Spring Equinox Ritual

March 18, 2024

Spring Equinox Ritual

The Spring Equinox marks the arrival of a new season, bringing new energy, new life and new opportunities. 

Occurring when day and night are of equal length, the Spring Equinox symbolises the perfect balance between light and darkness. The perfect time to reflect on the lessons learned, release what no longer serves us, and set intentions for the season ahead.

To help you harness the new energy and tap into the magic of the Spring Equinox, I thought I’d share some of my rituals with you.

Take what resonates.


A new season is the perfect time to cleanse your energy and hit the reset button. Just as nature undergoes a transformative transition, it's time to cleanse away the stagnant energy and embrace a fresh start.

Clear out physical clutter, let go of negative emotions, and create space for new opportunities and positive energy to flow in.

I like to reset my energy by:

  • Cleanse my aura with the smoke of Palo Santo or white sage

  • Fill my room with good smells by lighting incense or candles

  • Raise my vibe by surrounding myself with high-vibing crystals and putting on my favourite tunes

  • Meditate and re-balance my energy

  • Get outside and take a grounding barefoot walk


One of the things I find hardest about manifesting is surrendering to the unknown and letting the universe take control. To make this process easier, I like to physically plant my intentions - you wouldn't dig up a seed to see if it's growing, you just trust the process!

My ritual includes:

  • Wear it: put on your chosen piece and allow its energy to work its magic!

  • Write it: write out your intention in as much detail as possible

  • Burn it: burn (or rip up) your written manifestation into ash

  • Plant it: just like planting seeds, plant your ashes into the earth

  • Receive it: remain in the present moment, open and receptive


Our minds are so powerful and affirmations can be the key to unlocking a better life that waits ahead of you.

If you have a limiting belief, blocking your manifestations and disrupting your energy, flip it into a positive and affirm this every day.

For example, instead of having the limiting belief of "I don't earn enough money..."

Say "I am a magnet for money success & prosperity"

For more inspiration, watch this video with my positive affirmations to welcome in the Spring Equinox.


Work with crystals that match the frequency of the energy you want to attract.

Some of my favourite crystals to welcome in the new energy are:

  • Citrine - the quartz for joy and a little ray of sunshine, even on a cloudy day

  • Clear quartz - a powerful cleanser to purify your energy and amplify the frequency of other crystals

  • Sunstone - associated with the Sun's radiant energy to attract abundance and joy, allowing your authenticity to shine through

  • Pyrite - often referred to as fool's gold, pyrite attracts prosperity and abundance into your life

  • Amethyst - a master blaster healer, soothing your energy centres and oozing tranquil vibes


There's something so magical about spring - the world is waking up, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining - it just fills me with so much joy! All I want to do is immerse myself in it.

Now is the ideal moment to emerge from hibernation, rejuvenate your body with movement, and embrace the world with a new perspective.

Take a step outside, stay present in the moment, put on your rose-tinted glasses and watch as the magic unfolds before you.

I like to get outside, take in the new smells, listen to the sounds of the birds and feel the sun recharging my soul.


As everyone's switching up their clothes, I like to refresh my jewellery wardrobe and adorn my body with all the things that bring me joy - don't be afraid to layer up!

My essential layers: