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Ruby & Peridot - July & August Birthstones

July 22, 2022

Ruby & Peridot - July & August Birthstones

Rubies and Peridot :
Sun-kissed & warm - a look at July and August’s Birthstones

The Beauty of Birthstones

Correlating to each of our birth months, precious and beautiful birthstones can allow us to tap into our inner self, unleashing our full potential to the world and protecting us from any harmful traits.

Wearing your birthstone close to your skin can be a reassuring reminder of your unique characteristics, and a gentle reminder to focus and manifest. Use your precious birthstone to help put your thoughts towards your dreams and let all that you truly deserve flow easily into your life.

From amethyst in February to sapphire in September, birthstones have an incredible history most recently developed by astrologers working with the 12 zodiac signs.

The origins of birthstones has been traced back to one of religious beginnings and can be found recorded in the Bible where Aaron, Moses’ brother, and highest priest of the Isrealites, was instructed to create a breastplate adorned with gemstones - twelve Gemstones to be exact, each representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Later writings and scholars throughout time made connections between the 12 stones in the Breastplate and the 12 signs of the zodiac (we’re sensing 12 should be a new lucky number?) and humanity has since found ways to connect the therapeutic and talismanic benefits of the 12 stones alongside the zodiac signs. It was in 1912 that the modern day list of birthstones was defined, and has remained unchanged since.

Whilst most people like to wear their birthstone as a pendant necklace, we’ve got endless options to allow you to incorporate your specific stone into your jewellery in any way you wish.

Let’s take a closer look at the birthstones for the hot summer months of July and August.  

Passion & Protection - Rubies

From Princess Margaret’s engagement ring to Rihanna’s 123.24 carat rubellite, rubies have featured in the jewellery collections of some of the world’s most iconic figures.

When Elizabeth Taylor was gifted the Puertas Ruby, diamond and platinum ring by Richard Burton she claims I screamed, which probably echoed over the mountains, and I couldn’t stop screaming. I knew I was staring at the most exquisite ruby anyone had ever seen.”

Rubies have a rich history steeped in symbolism. In Ancient Burma the ruby was regarded as the stone of soldiers and placed under their skin in battle for protection - linking the stone to its metaphysical properties of loyalty, honor and protection. Hinduism sees the ruby as ‘king of the gems’ - linked to uplifting qualities such as improved energy, compassion and creativity.

The bright red of rubies are associated with everything from intense passion to the cycle of life with their colour linked to that of human blood. Its close ties with love merge into ruby’s abilities to stimulate the heart chakra by placing it to your heart and experiencing its energetic vibrations.

Friend and collaborator of Amy Russell Taylor Emma Lucy Knowles writes about these summer birthstones in her book The Power of Crystal Healing: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Crystals. For her, rubies present the idea of ‘powering up, committing to the task and getting the job done’. She likens a ruby to the ‘flickering of a candle’ and speaks about their ‘hugely energizing vibe’. Emma recommends using this precious gemstone to help you feel ‘the courage of a lion in your heart.’

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Clarity & Healing - Peridot

Found in remote and other worldly locations, from volcanic Hawaiian lava to remnants from our solar system’s birth, found in pallasite meteorites, peridot is often described as small but mighty in its power and history. The Romans called the stone ‘Evening Emerald’ due to its ability to glitter and sparkle enticingly in the lowest of lights, and the Egyptians called it the ‘gem of the sun’.

History aside, these verdant gems are easy on the eye and reminiscent of the green tones that are so typical of summertime. There is a peaceful side to Peridot linked to its closeness to nature and harmony. Peridot, for Emma Lucy Knowles, should not be underestimated when ‘healing matters of the heart’. She recommends working with it to ‘enhance the cleansing of negativity shrouding your heart - from past mistakes or from intentionally cruel words’. Working with its connection to the summer months, she encourages us all to allow peridot to help us ‘face the sun in joy through gentle forgiveness’.

A favourite of royals both recent and old, peridot was the preferred gemstone of King Edward VII. The Duchess of Cambridge recently brought a renewed awareness to the August birthstone having been frequently pictured in a pair of peridot, blue topaz and diamond earrings.

Zodiac Focus: Looking at Leos

The fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo birthdays fall between 23rd July and 22nd August - meaning this is a perfect time to talk about both Rubies and Peridot and their shared benefits for this powerful zodiac sign.

Leos are known for being vivacious, natural leaders and fiercely protective and loyal. There are strong superstitious correlations between limelight-loving Leo and the sun-kissed stone, Peridot. For Leos who get caught up in their thoughts and dramas, peridot is ideal for offering a calming clarity and lightness to situations. For those Leos amongst us who can experience moments of hot headedness, a ruby can help to control the fire and heat and calm you into a gentle state of confidence.

It’s not just Leos and summer born souls who can benefit from these beautiful birthstones however. Other star signs can benefit from the properties that rubies and peridots offer. Pisces and Aquarius can benefit from the heat and warmth of rubies, whilst the cleansing and healing properties of peridot can aid Taureans and Scorpios.




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