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Good Things Come in Threes

August 07, 2022

Good Things Come in Threes

Good Things Come in Threes

The Magic Number

Past, present and future; mind, body and spirit; ready, set and Go! Have you ever noticed how many things come in threes? 3 primary colours, 3 meals a day, rock paper scissors - it seems that all good things really do come in threes.

Let’s take a look at how this pattern originated and how examples of it can be found not only in our day to day lives but also in the jewellery that we wear and the combinations of gemstones and crystals that we are drawn to.

Tales of Three

‘Omne trium perfectum’ translates directly from the Latin as “All three perfect” and is one of the oldest instances of the concept we still see today.

Confucius mentioned this same ‘rule of three’ in 500 BC. It has since been used in everything from design, writing and narration, and by historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson (Life, Liberty and Happiness) through to modern day business icons such as Steve Jobs (who employed the rule of 3 in every presentation and product launch).  

Not only do we have an ingrained tendency to gravitate towards things that come in threes, we have enhanced memory capacity for remembering things in groups of this number. Third time lucky? It seems it’s no coincidence, and three has been named ‘the most persuasive number in communications’ - from childhood stories of the Three Little Pigs to big brand advertising telling us to Just Do It.

Trio of Treasures

At Amy Russell Taylor we love this spiritually rich and historically diverse number. You can find a trio of jewels in pieces such as our Manifestation Dials, our Bespoke Spinning Stones and our stunning Trilogy Rings.

A trio of precious stones or crystals can have different meanings for each wearer; from representing each of their children, to gently reminding them of the past, present and future elements of their lives.

If you can’t pick out one favourite gemstone or you love mixing and matching colours and tones, opting for three can be the ideal option. A trio of gemstones can also be a fantastic way to ensure maximum impact on statement pieces for big celebrations.

Our Favourite Trio Products

An elegant pale smokey quartz sits between two rose tinted Nigerian morganites to create a modern art deco style.

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