A R T x Sayegh & Sayegh Collaboration - Amy Russell Taylor

A R T x Sayegh & Sayegh Collaboration

June 29, 2022

A R T x Sayegh & Sayegh Collaboration

A R T x Sayegh & Sayegh: A Meeting of Hands and Minds

About the Collection

Just as nature thrives on symbiotic relationships between species, creativity thrives on collaboration.

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Sayegh & Sayegh with the creation of unique trinket dishes featuring a 24ct gold luster technique and pieces inspired by the natural world.

The envy of every dressing room or jewellery stand, these intricate trinket dishes represent a dedication to design that is shared by Amy and Rula Sayegh - no two pieces are the same and their remarkable work compliments the other entirely.

Who are Sayegh & Sayegh?

Established by sisters Ula and Rula Sayegh, Sayegh & Sayegh share Amy’s core values through their dedication to creating bespoke handmade pieces, owning their space in the creative world.

Their unique sculpture work is inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the natural world with a lightness and intricacy that expresses their appreciation for nature. Sustainable solutions, environments and habitats and innovation all greatly influence their work.

Rula Sayegh uses ceramics as the medium for her work and strives to push the material’s limits. She creates technically challenging pieces to evoke our senses through both sight and touch.

Sayegh’s diverse interests are reflected in her ability to showcase her expertise in organic forms whilst playfully demonstrating her confidence in architectural technicalities.

The Project

Upon launching the lifestyle collection online, Amy knew instinctively that Sayegh & Sayegh’s products needed to be included.

With designs inspired by a passion for architecture, organic materials, morphology and detail found in nature, Amy first connected with Sayegh & Sayegh when sourcing porcelain vegan pearls for the ocean collection (link here) 

Amy has worked extensively with Rula Sayegh (Ceramic Artist and Graduate of the Architectural Association) to create the most delicate yet functional trinket dishes which will provide you with the ideal space to showcase and store your precious jewels.

A R T and Sayegh & Sayegh are both passionate about creating unique works that are meaningful and personal. Their shared values and their ability to discover extraordinary beauty in nature make this collaboration entirely fitting.

Providing a stunningly designed place to store jewellery openly, these trinket dishes offer an ideal storage solution for those wanting both beauty and functionality within their homes.

“Rula was first on my list to collaborate with. It’s amazing to work with another designer and craftswoman that makes her pieces by hand and owns her space in the creative world. Her designs are so unique and truly demonstrate the talent that she possesses."
- Amy Russell Taylor

About the Trinket Dishes

A R T x Sayegh & Sayegh features a range of four key trinket dishes. Each dish is uniquely designed to ensure your jewels can be stored in the most aesthetically pleasing way imaginable. Depending on your specific storage needs, you can choose between a partitioned dish with two sections, or an open trinket dish.

The stunning Parmelia Trinket Dishes - inspired by the natural patterns found in lichen- feature 24 ct gold luster on organically formed fluted edges with a glazed interior.

A R T x Sayegh & Sayegh have also created the Dragon Egg Trinket Dishes. The Dragon Egg effect dish also features 24 ct gold luster on each of the individually formed egg shells with detailed glazed interiors.



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