January 12, 2021


Colour is a great way to evoke feelings or emotions and we naturally associate colours to them: when we’re sad we feel blue, when we’re angry we see red and we even feel green with envy.  

It’s not surprising that we also subconsciously use colours to lift our mood and reflect our feelings. Using the energies of these shades can boost your mental and physical health by calming us, expressing our love or cheering us up when we’re feeling low. 

When we connect with the colours of the jewellery we wear it gives them a deeper meaning and makes them all the more significant. 
We’ve put together our own colour edit to help you find deeper meaning to your forever pieces and help you enhance and enrich your lives through the magic of colour.

Aquamarine, Teal Sapphire

Blue manifests tranquility, reflective of the sea and sky. As someone who lives by the sea I know first hand how soothing it can be to the soul and the way in which it has a majestical way of resolving conflicts. Conjuring the energy and strength of the oceans creates a sense of inner harmony. The blue tones help to stimulate mental clarity, creative expression and aspiration.

Citrine, Champagne Quartz
The significance of the yellow evokes feelings of warmth and joy. After all, our largest source of this colour is the sun. A giver of life and vitality. It also drives confidence and clarity revitalizing the mind. When the yellows of precious stones are mixed with the tones of gold it unifies it’s design with feelings of luxury and nostalgia.

Peridot, Green Amethyst, Teal Sapphire
Green is an extremely grounding tone being the Earth colour. In the chaos and disorder of modern day life, it helps to take us back to nature, such as the rolling countryside, lush woodlands or tropical rainforests. Its calming and peaceful nature aids in combating feelings of anxiety while stimulating love, balance and harmony in the body.

Pink & Purple 
Morganite, Peach Morganite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz
The extravagance of purple helps to stimulate feelings of inspiration, creativity and calm whilst activating intuition. Unlike other colours purple isn’t directly linked to any of the core natural elements so it has a sense of magic to it.  Pink is commonly known as the colour of relaxation and can help dispel violence by conjuring love and kindness. The pale hues of morganites and rose quartz can aid in healing emotional traumas of the heart.  

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