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Crystal Magic: A beginner's Guide

October 31, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably gravitated to these shiny things called crystals your whole life (no, just me?) without knowing too much about their properties and healing abilities.

You might be aware of the gemstone for your Star Sign or know that some crystals represent certain things, like Rose Quartz for love, but you might not know how or why crystals work.

So, I thought it was important for me to share with you some of the basics and why I love working with crystals within my designs and have them all over my home!

Crystals Energy & Healing

Crystals have been used in medicinal practices for thousands of years, and I’m not dismissing modern medicine, but I think these ancient practices were definitely on to something!

Crystals are natural, they grow from the earth and like all natural substances they have their own vibrations. It’s also important to note that all crystals have their own frequency that they’re always emitting, for example, Quartz has a different frequency than Diamonds. Because crystal vibrations are always the same, when their vibrations interact with another energy, they alter it to attune to their level. This is why some raise your vibrations, bringing you joy and energy, whilst others lower your vibrations bringing you tranquillity and calming you down. For them to really work, you need to connect with the energy of the crystal and bring it into your energy field. It’s the bio-energy (human energy) that can really release the power of the crystal, so much so that Ehud Abrahamson believes that using Clear Quartz and copper is more effective than needles in acupuncture.

If you’re still here, at least some of what I’m saying has resonated with you, but for some of you thinking this is all ‘woo-woo’ I’m here to tell you that there’s actually a lot of science behind what I’m saying! Whether you think it’s purely the placebo effect or not, many neuroscientists have de-bunked all the mystical myths surrounding crystal energy and manifesting. So, I’d invite you to take a read of some of my recommended reads to find out more….

Becoming Supernatural

Why Woo-Woo Works


If you haven’t already, I’d also recommend you read my Energy Balancing and Charka guide as I go into more detail there. Essentially, we have seven chakras which are our energy centres, so if we have an energetic blockage this can cause all sorts of symptoms from feeling anxious to chronic pain. Due to the vibrations that crystals give off, they have the ability to work with your chakras, attune your energy and bring you back to centre.

Types of Crystals

Crystals come in many forms, shapes and clarity. These are a few of the types that I stock:

  • Raw & Rough Crystals: these untouched chunks of rocks are left in their natural state so you can connect with them at a deeper level. They are great to have around the home as they emit gentle and diffused energy.

  • Clusters & Geodes: a crystal cluster occurs when several crystal points grow together on a matrix. This creates a cluster of high-energy vibrations, simultaneously sent in multiple directions.

  • Points & Wands: directing your intentions upwards into the universe, these crystals are powerful manifestation tools that allow you to target your ambitions.

  • Tumbled Gemstones: these portable treasures are very accessible as they require minimal investment and allow you to work with multiple crystals.

  • Spheres: emitting energy in all directions, sphere crystals connect you to your surroundings.

  • Bespoke Jewellery Cuts: the crystals in my jewellery, such as my Manifestation Dials, NobleBlu and Quantum Quartz collections are of the highest clarity and quality, to ensure you receive the purest energy.

Cleansing & Charging your Crystals

There’s a lot of love and good vibes that go into all my designs, however, I think it’s important that everyone cleanses the crystals they receive so they can have the maximised impact.

Crystals also collect energy and store low-frequency energy, so cleansing them regularly releases this energy and restores them to their natural state.

There are a few different techniques you use:

  • Water – water is believed to neutralise negative energy, but do not use on soft crystals like selenite & kyanite. 

  • Palo Santo or Sage - light your smudge stick and let the smoke drift around the crystal. The smoke will absorb negative energy which will dissipate with the smoke. 

  • Moon - the full moon is a great time to bathe your crystals in its direct light, for at least 4 hours, to draw out negativities and absorb nature’s power.

  • Clear Quartz or Selenite – these high-vibing crystals don’t need to be charged and can be used to charge and cleanse your other crystals.

How to use your crystals

Like anything, crystals aren’t magic and don’t release energy blockages on their own. Instead, you need to be intentional with them, interacting with them in a way that aids you and your aura.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Wearing crystal jewellery: my designs are customisable, so you can tailor the crystal jewellery to your specific needs. For example, type of crystal, size of manifestation dial and length of chain so it sits on your different energy centres.

  • Placing crystals in and around your home

  • Meditating with crystals and placing them on your chakras  

Storing your Crystals

I have intuitively placed crystals all over my house, but there are better ways to display and store them to make sure you’re getting the maximum vibes.

  • Wooden tray or bowl: housing your crystals in an earthy, grounding element helps to maintain crystals’ natural healing powers.

  • Brass or Metal bowl: known for its purifying effect, brass is a powerful metal for cleansing your stones. It embodies the energy of light, acting as a source of high vibrations for the stones and tools you place inside of it.

  • Selenite bowl: due to its natural cleansing ability, selenite can work with your other crystals to activate and amplify their vibrations.

Choosing the Right Crystals

I have almost 30 different crystals and gemstones on my website, both in their raw form and high-quality cut crystals in my bespoke designs. So I know it can be overwhelming to know what to pick. Honestly, it’s such a personal choice that I always think it should be a gut decision. For me, these are some of the core crystals that I always gravitate to (it’s probably no surprise that they’re mostly from the quartz family!)

Clear Quartz

Properties: One of the best crystals for beginners, Clear quartz is a powerful cleansing stone that brings clarity, restoring and regulating energy whilst neutralising and balancing.

Chakra: As a powerful cleanser, clear quartz can be used to attune the energy of any of your chakras.

Space: Go with your intuition on this one, as Clear quartz has the power to amplify and clear any space. One thing to be aware of is placing Clear quartz next to other crystals, as it will magnify and amplify the vibrations of the stones surrounding it.


Properties: As the quartz of joy, Citrine brings warm rays of sunshine to make the seeds you’ve already planted start to blossom. Full of positivity and optimism, Citrine’s raised vibrations help to welcome abundance into your life and bring forth new opportunities.

Chakra: Citrine is closely linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, amplifying personal power, confidence and willpower.

Space: Place in sunlight to harness the power of the sun, like on windowsills, to emit positive vibrations into the room.

Smokey Quartz

Properties: The quartz for protection and grounding, Smokey quartz works to neutralise and absorb negative vibrations, pruning the weeds of our energy centres.

Chakra: With its grounding effects, Smokey quartz is a powerful stone for cleansing and balancing the root chakra, making you feel more rooted in the earth.

Space: Place by your front door to prevent negative vibes from entering your home, and in your office to kick out negative effects of EMF.

Rose Quartz

Properties: Represents self-love and acceptance. It helps manifest the power of self-love and embracing who you are.

Chakra: as the quartz of love, Rose Quartz connects deeply with the heart chakra to open up the soul to vulnerabilities, heal matters of the heart, deepen your empathy and promote loving relationships.

Space: They say rose quartz should be in every nursery to welcome love and positivity. It’s also great to integrate into your bathroom and self-care routine, as a reminder to make some time for self-love.

Purple Amethyst

Properties: Purple Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser that relieves stress and soothes irritability. It helps enhance meditation, balance mood swings and dispel fear and anxiety.

Chakra: Used to clear blockages and allow you to see more clearly with your Third Eye Chakra.

Space: Place an Amethyst cluster in your relaxing spaces; on your bedside table, in your reading nook or by your bathtub – to push out the zen vibes and help you to de-stress.


Properties: Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone that clears your aura and aids mental clarity and balance. It can help with emotional healing and provide a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Chakra: Use it to release emotional blockages, open up your Crown Chakra and access your cosmic consciousness.

Space: Place a Selenite Wand on your windowsill, above your doorway, under your bed or where feels right in any room, to clear the energy cobwebs and raise the vibration of the space.

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