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Why Woo-Woo Works by David R. Hamilton PhD


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Why should we meditate? How can crystals heal the mind and body? Why is visualization so powerful - and so effective? Discover the scientific evidence to answer these questions and more...

David Hamilton PhD has been studying the mind-body connection and the power of thought for years, finding compelling evidence of why and how alternative therapies can and do work. In his trademark warm and conversational tone, he explains the science and spirituality behind some of today's most popular alternative practices. He explores four key aspects of healing:

· Physical: the mind-body connection and how belief affects the body
· Emotional: how emotions are stored in your body and the link between suppressed emotions and disease
· Energetic: how reiki and crystals can be used to heal
· Consciousness: prayer, distant healing and modern scientific and philosophical ideas surrounding consciousness

Why Woo-Woo Works proves why we shouldn't discount alternative therapies and healing modalities, and reveals the answers that you have been looking for!

'Dr David Hamilton is one of the leading pioneers in the field of the mind-body connection.' - Dr Joe Dispenza

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    • Publication Date: 09/21/21
      Print Length: 320
      Published by Hay House

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  • Why Amy Loves
    • There's nothing more satisfying than discovering that the things most people perceive as "woo-woo" (or "mumbo jumbo" as my brother likes to call them), actually work! Discovering the science behind these practices is so exciting and this book perfectly gives substance to what is so often overlooked.

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    • David R. Hamilton acquired an honours degree in biological and medicinal chemistry, and a PhD in organic chemistry before working as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. His research into the mind–body connection ultimately led him to leave that profession and become a motivational speaker. He went on to co-found an international relief charity, and he appears regularly in the media. He spends most of his time writing, giving talks, and leading workshops.