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I'm thrilled to offer my customers a chance to shop the COSMOSS by Kate Moss product range which beautifully compliments my designs for a fully immersive experience for all your senses. 

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20 tea bags.

Settle into the evening with Dusk Tea, relax and watch the dusky blue colour emerge in this twilight-shaded herbal infusion. Mixed exclusively for COSMOSS by Alchemist and Herbalist Victoria Young this tea captures nightfall through the language of herbs and flowers in a bedtime tisane that infuses herbs and soft spices to aid better sleep and soothe the soul. Made with Chamomile flower for relaxation, Hops Cone to calm restlessness and crushed bark of Cinnamon and Fennel Fruits boost and support digestive health.

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  • Usage
    • Infuse 1 tea bag in just hot water for 5 mins. Sit back and enjoy.

  • Benefits
    • Mixed exclusively for COSMOSS by noted Alchemist and Homeopath Victoria Young
      A bedtime tisane that infuses herbs and soft spices to aid better sleep and soothe the soul

  • Ingredients
    • Melissa, Mallow, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Elderberry, Passiflora, Cinnamon

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  • Facts
    • Vegan , Cruelty Free
      20 tea bags

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