Nobleblu x A R T - Amy Russell Taylor

Amy Russell Taylor® Jewellery x NobleBlu

Introducing a fine jewellery collection centred on the mind, body and soul. Alesha Dixon, Founder of NobleBlu and Amy Russell Taylor® have come together in collaboration to celebrate the beauty of our bodies, inside and out. 

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Balance of Life | The Collection

An exclusive edit of 10 bespoke designs, the collection features five purposeful crystals encased in Amy’s signature personalised and customisable style. Complimenting NobleBlu’s mantra “Balance of life”, this collection provides healing energies and serves as a daily reminder to prioritise your well-being journey each and every day.

Founded upon an authentic connection, this collection is the product of years of mutual respect and friendship after Alesha was first introduced to Amy Russell Taylor® by Amanda Holden. Evolving over time, the connection between the two Founders led to an opportunity to collaborate together in an authentic way, celebrating the two brands' shared value of the importance of prioritising your wellness, from what you put in your body and to what you put on it.

Your Well-Being Tool | Finding Balance

With a shared philosophy that “the harmonious link between emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is what gives us balance.” (Amy Russell Taylor® & Alesha Dixon), this collection symbolises the connection between ourselves and those around us. Feeding our souls with love and appreciation, the designs allow you to not only align your energetic vibrations but celebrate the bond we share with that deep inner you and the people who support the authentic you.

Designed as a well-being tool, a daily reminder of our self-love and positive energy, each piece is individually hand made from 100% recycled gold or silver in Amy’s Dorset based studio. Powered by 100% green and vegan energy, our production is centred on sustainable practices.

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