Rough Pyrite - Amy Russell Taylor

Rough Pyrite


Pyrite invites wealth, success and abundance. It boosts your confidence and helps remove the feelings of lack.

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  • Product Details
    • Each piece is one of a kind so sizings, colours & inclusions can vary.
      Size: 1-2"
      Origin: Peru

  • Shipping
    • All wellbeing & home items under the value of £30 will be shipped first class post. Orders over £30 will be shipped via special delivery. Your items will be dispatched up to 48hrs from the date of order. Any items that are ordered in addition to jewellery will be shipped with your entire order. Once your item(s) have been shipped you will be notified.

  • Care Instructions
    • Rinse with water as necessary or cleanse with palo Santo or white sage smudge sticks.

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  • Supplier information
    • Working in partnership with GeoCentral, a crystal wholesale company who are committed to celebrating nature and unearthing rare, exquisite goods.
      Proud to deliver unique, genuine, and beautiful products, while prioritizing ethics and sustainability.

  • Cleansing & charging your Crystals
    • Cleansing your crystals can restore them to their natural state. Crystals collect energy and store low frequency energy. To release this energy you can use a few different techniques:
      Water - water is said to neutralise negative energy. Do not use on soft crystal like selenite & kyanite
      Palo Santo or Sage - light your smudge stick and let the smokey drift around the crystal. The smoke will absorb negative energy which will dissipate with the smoke.
      Moon - the full moon is a great time to bathe your crystals in it's direct light to draw out negativities and absorb natures power.

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