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      • A bold style that holds great meaning and benefits. A reversible style that allows for maximum benefits to draw energies inwardly or project outwardly. The ears are considered a symbol of memory, receptivity and awakening focusing on your third eye and throat chakras - your energy centres related to your words and thoughts.

        This piece can be personalised with an initial on each earring and your choice of 5 different crystals to work on your energetical well-being. Please contact us for bespoke engraving.

      • Each crystal is complementary to NobleBlu’s supplement range so you can focus on what you’re putting in your body as well as what you’re putting on your body. Add the complementary supplement to your order for an ultimate well-being bundle.

        Please see below details of our recommended NobleBlu supplements to compliment your crystal choice. Pricing shown is based on the price of the supplements when purchased with your chosen item/s.

        Malachite = Immunity £15 (£20 when purchased separately)

        A powerful protective stone. Absorbing negative energies and pollutants it opens the heart and releases your inhibitions. Personalise these pieces to the powerful force in your life that keeps you grounded and authentic. Be it yourself or someone else.

        Lapis Lazuli = Beauty £25 (£30 when purchased separately)

        The cosmic beauty of this crystal encourages an honest beauty to shine from within. Revealing the inner truth for perfect self awareness & expression. Lifting your mood throughout the day it’s a beautiful stone to pay homage to the radiators in your life.

        Carnelian = Focus £20 (£25 when purchased separately)

        Restore your vitality and motivation with the sunset hue of our carnelian. Promoting positive life choices and motivation for success. Building your trust for your perceptions it’s the crystal of good vibes and energetic positivity. Personalise for the believer in your life who never questions why.

        Yellow Jadeite = Energy £25 (£30 when purchased separately)

        The stone of wisdom. Helping us to learn from our experiences. The colour of warmth this crystal encompases the loving bonds we have with those close to us. An offering of profound peace and grounding this magnificent energy will discover new depths of an emotional well-being.

        White Chalcedony = Balance £30 (£35 when purchased separately)

        A crystal of harmony to balance your mind and body. A gentle energy to relieve anxiety and bring forth calm. Reminding you of your authentic self and regaining a tranquil energy. A great crystal to honour a trauma we’ve mourned or to simply bring you back to centre.

      • Alesha Dixon, founder of NobleBlu, and Amy Russell Taylor have come together in a collaboration focusing on mind, body and soul. With the tagline “Let your well-being shine”, they are pushing the boundaries of traditional well-being and introducing you to a fine jewellery collection centred on the healing properties of crystals alongside personalised and customisable designs that you will treasure forever. Challenging you to focus on your well-being on every level, from what you put in your body to what you put on your body, Amy’s signature style compliments beautifully with NobleBlu’s mantra “Balance of life”. Since Alesha discovered Amy’s designs their relationship has organically evolved, reaching an opportunity for them to collaborate in an authentic way for both of their blossoming brands.

9ct Yellow Gold
Gold Plated

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    • Discs measures approx 15mm x 2.5mm thick. Hoops measure approx 8mm x 1mm. Please note that while the descriptions of the properties, qualities and meanings of some crystals refer to healing benefits, they are not intended to replace diagnose of illness or ailment, healing or medicine and do not imply a guarantee of effect.

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    • Depending on the style, items have a lead time of 2- 4 weeks and will be shipped Special Delivery/Express Delivery. All orders are shipping from Dorset, UK. Once your item has been shipped you will receive a notification.
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      1. When you are not wearing your jewellery, we recommend storing it in a sealed bag, a jewellery pouch or the original box.
      2. Do not wear your jewellery while sleeping, showering, swimming, washing dishes, applying perfume, engaging in sports or working out.
      3. After wearing your jewellery, we recommend wiping it with a non-abrasive jewellery polishing cloth to remove dirt and tarnish.
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  • 100% Recycled
    • Making ethical sourcing a key part of our jewellery making story using recycled metals, mindfully sourced gemstones & recycled or compostable packaging.

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    • Individually handmade to order ensuring zero waste and helping to support the talent and craftsmanship of our makers.

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    • Your jewellery shouldn't cost the earth. Our studio is powered by 100% green & vegan energy from Ecotricity. You can offset your own shipping carbon emissions with every order. We donate proceeds to charities fighting to protect our world and ensure a healthier environment.

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