SUSTAINABILITY - Amy Russell Taylor


We teach our children to have a sense of pride in the world and people around them so it’s only natural that our brand mimics this. Using recycled precious metals, ethically sourced and conflict free stones and recyclable packaging, we are conscious of our planet and we share the love by giving back to charities close to our hearts.


Producing our pieces in house gives us complete control over the entire process from sourcing and production to finishing and packaging. Each piece is individually made to order ensuring zero waste. All our packaging is recyclable, re-usable or compostable.


Wherever possible we use recycled silver and gold. As well as recycling all our studio scrap and excess for reuse, we purchase our materials from a local supplier dealing with recycled materials. All of our gold is certified by the Assay Office inline with current UK legislations. We are proud to provide quality along with the guarantee of sustainable and ethical mining in line with our brand ethos.

Diamonds & Gemstones

All our diamonds are guaranteed that they have been sourced and cut in line with UN regulated guidelines regarding ethical and sustainable practice. Our gemstones are provided from our trusted supplier in the UK which works within strict ethical and sustainable guidelines in line with our brand ethos.

Giving back

We love to share the love by choosing charities close to our hearts to give back to from the profits of our sales. We regularly run different campaigns for particular charities and work hard to research the right charities to support. We have an extremely strong passion for choosing kindness and championing females and mothers so we try to find charities to work with that support those passions.