The Contentment Dial - Amy Russell Taylor

The Contentment Dial


      • A trio of crystals to dissolve negativity and encourage a sense of freedom. Welcoming positivity and joy to nurture the feelings of universal love and protection. These three stones work intuitively together to manifest love, positivity, peace and contentment into your life. They work together to be a powerful purifier of negative energy whilst activating and cleansing the heart chakra allowing you to let go of expectations. Once we let go of what we expect from a situation, we find that life turns out to be even better than we expected. Surrendering to the unknown, where all creativity is born, brings a natural state of joy.

        Clear QUARTZ

        Peach Morganite

        Smokey Quartz

        Smokey Quartz

        Pink tourmaline


      • Clear QUARTZ

        Peach Morganite - Calms nervous system, welcomes unconditional love, inspires compassion & patience

        Smokey Quartz

        Smokey Quartz - Neutralises negativity, detoxifying, relieves stress and anxiety

        Pink tourmaline

        Citrine - Awakens creativity & imagination, balances hormones, detoxes

      • Our energy field stores memories of the emotional and physical events that have happened throughout our lives and some events can create disturbances which manifest in physical and emotional dis-ease, discomfort, and the inability to achieve our desires.

        Self limiting beliefs that we have programmed into our subconscious become the narrative of our story rather than the wishes and desires we hold in our minds.

        We believe that if a crystal vibrates on the same energetic frequency that matches the emotion of what we desire, having that within our own energy field can help raise our vibration and start living the life we want. Much like finding our favourite music station, we just need to tune into the right frequency.

9ct Yellow Gold
9ct White Gold
Gold Plated
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    • Solid 9ct gold or silver.
      1.3mm diamond cut curb chain with lobster clasp fastening
      Small necklace 
      Stones measure 6x4mm
      Pendant approx. 10x10mm
      Medium necklace 
      Stones measure 9x7mm
      Pendant approx. 15x15mm
      Large necklace 
      Stones measure 12x10mm
      Pendant approx. 20x20mm Please note that while the descriptions of the properties, qualities and meanings of some crystals refer to healing benefits, they are not intended to replace diagnose of illness or ailment, healing or medicine and do not imply a guarantee of effect.

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    • Making ethical sourcing a key part of our jewellery making story using recycled metals, mindfully sourced gemstones & recycled or compostable packaging.

      Crystals and gemstones are all unique and may differ in colour between sizes. Whilst we try to match the references on our website as closely as possible it is not possible to guarantee consistency in colour.

      While the descriptions of the properties, qualities and meanings of some crystals refer to healing benefits, they are not intended to replace diagnose of illness or ailment, healing or medicine and do not imply a guarantee of effect.

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