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Manifest: Dive Deeper by Roxie Nafousi



Discover the life-changing new book from the Sunday Times best selling author of Manifest.

'An empowering and clear read, filled with helpful exercises, the book explores everything from your inner child to daily rituals, stepping outside your comfort zone and how to stop caring about what people think' VOGUE

Manifest showed you it's possible to change your life. Now Manifest: Dive Deeper will show you every step you need to take to get there.

In this hotly-demanded follow-up, you will discover exactly how to unlock your limitless potential, create lasting, transformative change, and turn your dreams into a reality.

Expanding your understanding of each of the unique seven steps to manifestation, Roxie Nafousi provides practical techniques to teach you how to harness your potential and confidently step into your power.

Each chapter is filled with simple and inspiring exercises designed to cultivate self-awareness, reflection and growth, empowering your manifesting process even more.

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    • Imprint: Michael Joseph
      Published: 05/01/2023
      Length: 240 pages
      Dimensions: 220mm x 20mm x 162mm
      Weight: 452g

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  • Why Amy Loves
    • Keen to remain on Roxie's journey and absorb all the advice she has to offer I'm thrilled to highlight her hotly awaiting follow up to "Manifest" so you can gain further insight into the wonderful world of your own energy, subconscious and power to change.

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  • About the Author
    • Roxie is a Self-Development Coach, Manifesting Expert, Ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation and Instagram Agony Aunt and contributor for Kourtney Kardashian's wellness platform, POOSH. Roxie works with one-to-one clients as well as hosting monthly self-development workshops and webinars to over 600 people a month. She is the host of popular podcast series called "The Moments That Made Me".

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