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The Vitality Gift Set

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A gift set curated to bring vibrance into your life. Good vibes only with a curation of products intended to nourish your well-being and keep you centred and firing on all syllables.
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Gift Set Includes (RRP £104.49)

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    • Product Details
      • Gift Set Includes:
        LSW Morning Notes x 1
        NobleBlu Immunity Supplement x 1
        Body Cupping Kit x 1
        Good Vibrations Soap x 1

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    • What Amy Says
      • A totally holistic approach to boosting your vitality and shine from within. Taking care of our minds and bodies is vital for health longevity and these products look to deepen that connection and keep you aligned to your well-being journey.

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    • LSW Morning Notes Journal
      • LSW Morning Notes is a three-month undated daily wellbeing journal.
        This journal has been designed specifically for use in the morning, to help you start each day with a positive mindset and to encourage you to identify obstacles which you can utilise in a way that can benefit you.
        Each day is a fresh start and a new opportunity to create healthy habits. So instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake, take control of your day. Settle into your favourite spot and guide your focus towards what you’d like to achieve in a mindful and meaningful way.
        Each week you will find:
        Monday - Sunday journal prompts
        Goal setting exercises
        Monthly reviews
        Inspirational quotes
        Mindful colouring pages
        Gratitude exercises
        Three month review
        Three month Gratitude reflection

    • NobleBlu Immunity Supplements
      • As part of our collaboration with NobleBlu, you can now shop their range of supplements to encourage a balance of well-being in your lives.
        IMMUNE SYSTEM VITAMIN: The NobleBlu Immunity supplement is your daily defence shield! It helps to support a healthy immune system
        STRENGTH THROUGH SCIENCE: The unique blend of carefully selected vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, C, D and zinc play a pivotal role in the healthy functioning of your immune system
        HAND-SELECTED BOTANICALS: The immune support supplement contains a careful blend of naturally sourced synergistic botanicals, including turmeric root, ginger, black elderberry, oregano, baobab and bilberry. All NobleBlu supplements are non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly

    • Body Cupping Kit by WTHN
      • Sit back and relax with our new cupping set. Body cupping is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to reduce tension, increase circulation, and support detox. Suction from the cups gently lifts tissue up for a release. With our self cupping kit, you can achieve these benefits at home.
        Each kit includes: 8 silicone cups, A traveling case, Detailed how-to guide

    • Good Vibrations Soap on a Rope
      • We're super proud to have partnered with Jutta Klee, founder of Kleensoaps, to bring you these gorgeous smelling "kleen" soaps. Handmade. Sustainable. Vegan-friendly and they smell like pure luxury!
        A Lemongrass and Pink Clay Soap on a Rope with Rosemary and Grapefruit, Handmade Vegan Soap. Weight approx. 160g.
        Crank up the feel-good next time you shower with our Good Vibrations soap. You can purify your skin and uplift your senses while you give yourself a jolly good lather. This super cleansing, ultra-nourishing natural soap leaves skin soft and protected while its mood-boosting blend of essential oils will brighten your vibe, for all the right feels.