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The Soul Gift Set

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A gift set to take you deeper with a soulful undertone. Ensuring maximum happy vibes are your main focus and we have somewhere to retreat to when we need a moment of still. Whether it's the ritual of cleansing your space, sitting to read or turning on your olfactory senses, each moment of stillness takes us out of autopilot and into the present. 
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Gift Set Includes (RRP £166.49)

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      • Gift Set Includes:
        Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks x 4
        Manifest Book by Roxie Nafousi x 1
        Dragons Egg Trinket Dish x 1
        Blue Velvet Soap x 1

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    • What Amy Says
      • I love this curation of products. I feel like this one goes deeper by encouraging us to consider the energy within our environment as well as our own. A good cleanse, a lush smell, handcrafted beauty and a fantastic read - perfect!

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    • Palo Santo Cleansing Stick - 4 piece
      • Ethically Harvested Palo Santo cleansing sticks come from a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. It is one of the most popular space clearing tools known for neutralising negative, stagnant energy and for improving concentration and creativity.
        Laser engraved with the names of our 4 manifestation dials to focus your vibrational energy.
        The wood has to fall off the tree naturally and rest on the ground for quite some time before it's processed into incense sticks. Failing to do so would compromise the healing and spiritual cleansing properties of the wood. These sticks are ethically harvested and it's the product of the ongoing reforestation projects involving a small community of fair trade artisans comprising of 25 local residents working in harmony with nature, and replanting for future generations.

    • Manifest Book by Roxie Nafousi
        MANIFEST is the essential guide for anyone and everyone wanting to feel more empowered in their lives. Self-development coach and 'Queen of Manifesting' Roxie Nafousi will show you how in just seven simple steps you can understand the true art of manifestation and learn how to create the life you have always dreamed of.
        Whether you want to attract your soulmate, find the perfect job or your dream home, or simply discover more inner-peace and confidence, MANIFEST will teach you exactly how to get there in just 7 steps.
        "The millennial answer to The Secret" -Vogue
        "The ultimate queen of manifesting" -Glamour UK
        "A roadmap for a more positive way of life" -Financial Times
        As seen on THIS MORNING

    • Dragons Egg Trinket Dish
      • A R T x Sayegh & Sayegh is a blending of values and craftsmanship between Jewellery Designer Amy Russell Taylor and ceramic sculptor, Rula Sayegh.
        The collaboration features four uniquely designed trinket dishes which create a luxurious home for your most precious A R T jewels to be showcased in. Inspired by nature, organic materials, morphology and architecture, each trinket dish is handmade in Rula's Wembley studio, creating the ultimate backdrop to complement your A R T collection.
        Our small Dragon Egg effect trinket dish features 24ct gold luster on each individually formed egg shell with a glazed interior.

    • Blue Velvet Soap on a Rope
      • We're super proud to have partnered with Jutta Klee, founder of Kleensoaps, to bring you these gorgeous smelling "kleen" soaps. Handmade. Sustainable. Vegan-friendly and they smell like pure luxury!
        A Smooth and Sexy Soap on a Rope enriched with Bergamot and Cedarwood Essential Oils and added Detoxifying Activated Charcoal, Handmade Vegan Soap. Weight approx. 160g.
        Turn your bathing ritual into a luxurious, sensual experience with our new Blue Velvet Soap on a Rope. Bergamot, Ajowan and Cedarwood essential oils are blended to create a stimulating scent while activated charcoal gently purifies with a velvety texture.