The Divine Gift Set - Amy Russell Taylor

The Divine Gift Set

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A gift set to guide you to your authentic, divine self. Nourishing your senses and aligning you to attract the true beauties of life. Heal unwanted limiting beliefs, raise your emotions and fuel your mind and body with what it deserves. 

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Gift Set Includes (RRP £122.97)

    About This Product

    • Product Details
      • Gift Set Includes:
        LSW Mind Note Journal x 1
        8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting book x 1
        DIRTEA Tremella Mushroom Powder x 1
        Ceramic Oil Burner x 1

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    • What Amy Says
      • Throughout my journey to become "master manifester", I've learnt that it takes study, untangling of thoughts, nourishment and a deep connection to the divine. Smells evoke good emotions for me so curating this gift set to bring scent into your environment really compliments these amazing products that will help you on your own personal journey to the divine!

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    • 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting
      • Achieve the life you deserve and desire using the tools of the most highly effective manifesters. Manifestation expert Mandy Morris shares eight powerful manifestation secrets based on divine guidance, scientific research, and a decade of work that are fast, effective, and proven.

        Mandy will dive into the eight powerful secrets of the most highly effective manifesters that have changed both her own life and the lives of countless clients. In clear detail, she’ll demonstrate how mastering these secrets can change anyone’s life beyond their wildest dreams, and she’ll explain how to remove the mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that stop people from manifesting easily and consistently from a high vibrational state.

        Throughout the book, she will substantiate her points with personal and client anecdotes, as well as psychology and scientific data.

    • DIRTEA Chaga Mushroom Powder
      • For defence, skin & energy Chaga helps fortify your immune system, gives you a natural energy boost, whilst helping to promote healthy skin.
        Very High levels of Antioxidants
        Fortifies Immune System
        Natural Energy Boost - no jitters or caffeine crash
        High Source of Melanin
        Nutrient Dense: contains Vitamin D, Potassium, Amino Acids, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium
        Can Reduce Inflammation
        Instant - Just add hot water
        Or add to your coffee, cacao or shake

    • Ceramic Oil Burner
      • Our home is our sanctuary and should be a place of calm and serenity. A space where everyone can feel "at home". Take care to curate an environment that makes you feel welcome and that you fill with love and laughter.

        This artisan, handcrafted and minimalist Ceramic Oil Burner is an elegant accessory for any home, enhanced with 12K gold detailing. Add your signature scent and fill your room with the perfect aroma.

    • LSW Mind Notes
      • LSW Mind Notes is a six-month undated daily wellbeing journal.

        This journal is designed to help you pinpoint thought and behaviour patterns, encourage the practice of gratitude and use weekly exercises to increase your sense of positive wellbeing for a more fulfilled life.

        Using different tools and techniques this journal will help you to rediscover what makes you tick and encourage you to do more of what makes you happy. Bring your focus back to you with the ultimate self gift for your mental wellbeing.

        For those who use LSW Mind Cards, each day there is a space to write your thoughts and findings from your chosen card of the day.

        Each week you will find

        Monday - Friday prompts with weekly review pages
        Inspirational quotes
        Colouring pages
        Motivational exercises
        Probing questions
        Coaching techniques
        Mindfulness techniques
        Breathing exercises
        Positive affirmations