The Harmony Gift Set - Amy Russell Taylor

The Harmony Gift Set

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A gift set curated to focus on coherent well-being. Encouraging you to focus on the energy of your mind, body and environment, its the essential gift set for anyone looking for a harmonious life.
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Gift Set Includes (RRP £80.97)

    About This Product

    • Product Details
      • Gift Set Includes:
        LSW Mind Cards x 1
        Crystal Coaster x 1
        DIRTEA Lions Mane Mushroom Powder x 1
        Crystal Gua Sha x 1

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    • What Amy Says
      • For me I like to find coherence in all areas of my life and try and maintain a harmonious balance throughout. Choosing products that encourage you to focus on multiple areas of well-being will help to ensure you create the coherence you seek and a happy, balanced life.

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    • LSW Mind Cards
      • The perfect addition to compliment the meaningfulness behind our designs.
        LSW Mind Cards are designed to help you to become more mindful of your thoughts and feelings and give you the tools needed to look after your mental health & happiness, focus on the present and spread positivity & self care throughout your life.
        By introducing positive habits into your everyday, Mind Cards will give you the self gift of creating the healthiest and happiest life for you

    • Crystal Coasters by The Crystal Cottage
      • These elegant agate crystal coasters add the extra touch of luxe to your interior. Each coaster has beautiful markings which makes each one individual and finished with a gold leaf trimmed edged. They also make a stunning jewellery display.
        Due to the natural material that is used, the shape, colour and markings of each piece can vary which add the extra touch of authentic charm to each of the coasters Each have four rubber feet to the bottom of this coaster that will keep your surfaces safe from scratches.

    • DIRTEA Cordyceps Mushroom Powder
      • For energy, performance & endurance Cordyceps is the purest and most potent form of mushroom powder. It's known as nature’s performance enhancer, that supports energy production, helping oxygen flow through the body, improving your energy levels and physical performance.
        Supports energy production
        Helps oxygen flow
        Packed with Vitamin D
        Rebalances sex hormones

    • Crystal Gua Sha
      • Promoting lymphatic drainage, this face scraping technique dates back centuries ago and is based on an ancient healing technique called Gua Sha (scraping). Used to encourage the skin to heal itself it was originally performed as a body treatment but has since been adapted to be used in facial therapies. Helping you to eliminate bloating caused by interstitial fluid (fluid trapped under your skin that needs to be released to your lymph system), this magic tool also has other benefits:
        Stimulates circulation
        Helps produce collagen
        Decreases inflammation
        Diminishes dark circles
        Sculpts facial muscles