Small Molten Nugget Bracelet Charm - Bangle - Amy Russell Taylor

Small Molten Nugget Bracelet Charm - Bangle


A solid nugget is created by melting down recycled gold or silver and shaping it as it starts to cool, re-melting certain parts, re-shaping and continuing the process until the desired texture and shape is created. Each nugget represents the formations taken on by the sea and how the metal would be manipulated if it lived on the bottom of the ocean. Due to the nature in which they are made, shapes and textures can't be replicated. A cast has been taken of the shape, however, nuggets can be made individually if you would like a one of a kind. Hanging on a hinged bangle for a stylish buildable look.

Gold Plated
9ct Yellow Gold
9ct White Gold

Nugget is approx 9x7x3mm, Bangle is approx 3mm

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