Masterclass with Emma Lucy Knowles - Amy Russell Taylor

Masterclass with Emma Lucy Knowles


Within our masterclass we will be taking you through how to unlock the fullest potential of your manifestation dial. How to use it for your maximum benefit and how to cleanse, store and empower. We will be exploring how to use the individual facets, or to spin and let the energies lead you where you need to be. Whether you are new to crystals or you already embellish your life with their healing power - there is something within here for you!

  • Exclusive Masterclass Access - £30 when purchased with a Manifestation Dial
  • FREE Holy Wood Cleansing Stick

About This Design

  • Product Details
    • This is a digital masterclass which will be emailed to you. The class includes a free palo santo cleansing stick.

  • Shipping
    • Your masterclass will be emailed to you and your free cleansing stick will be shipped within 48hrs of receipt of your order. If the masterclass is purchased in addition to jewellery it will be shipped with the entire order within our standard lead times.

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