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Amy Russell Taylor

Spinning Stone Protection & Purity EARRINGS


A trio of love working together to help protect your emotional wellbeing and balance hormones to promote unconditional love. Bringing emotional calmness and releasing the power of self love and acceptance. This beautiful design spins organically as you wear it, continuously revealing a different stone. We love the benefits of crystals and what better way to focus your day than to wear your stones in jewellery.

Made with solid 9ct gold or silver.

Depending on the style, this item has a lead time of 2-4 weeks and will be shipped Special Delivery/Express Delivery.






9ct Yellow Gold
9ct White Gold

Solid 9ct gold or silver.
Hoops measure approx. 15mm diameter, 1.5mm thick
Hoops measure approx. 15mm diameter, 1.5mm thick
Length measures approx. 2.5” including pendant
1.3mm diamond cut curb chain 
Small Stones
measure 6x4mm
Pendant approx. 10x10mm
Medium Stones
measure 9x7mm
Pendant approx. 15x15mm
Large Stones
measure 12x10mm
Pendant approx. 20x20mm

Depending on the style, items have a lead time of 2- 4 weeks and will be shipped Special Delivery/Express Delivery. All orders are shipping from Dorset, UK. Once your item has been shipped you will receive a notification.
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As with all Sterling Silver, Gold and Fine Jewellery, proper care is essential. Here is how to care for your jewellery:
1. When you are not wearing your jewellery, we recommend storing it in a sealed bag, a jewellery pouch or the original box.
2. Do not wear your jewellery while sleeping, showering, swimming, washing dishes, applying perfume, engaging in sports or working out.
3. After wearing your jewellery, we recommend wiping it with a non-abrasive jewellery polishing cloth to remove dirt and tarnish.
4. To fully remove tarnish and any stains on your jewellery, we recommend using silver polish or jewellery polish. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and to always use gloves when working with silver polish. We offer a complimentary cleaning and repair service on all our A R T Jewellery. If you are interested in having your jewellery professionally cleaned or repaired, please email info@amyrusselltaylor.com to request a repair.

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