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Summer Necklace Layering

May 26, 2021

Summer Necklace Layering

Summer Necklace Layering

With the weather warming up, it’s time to let your jewellery shine. Summer clothes allow for much more freedom with jewellery, whether you're jazzing up a simple camisole or making that classic white T a little more edgy. We’re giving you the low down on the coolest way to layer up this summer.

Summer Socials

If there ever was a time to show off, surely it’s now? So let’s decorate that summer body with precious jewels and get out there. It’s important to get different lengths to avoid bulking and adding various shapes and sizes allows each piece to own it’s space around your neck. Introducing different textures such as gemstones gives further depth, intrigue and eye catching sparkle.

Everday Duties

For days when you’re running around with the kids, going on dog walks or working in a busy environment, you’ve got to keep it comfy. Shorter layers allow for full movement of the body without the worry of getting long chains bashed or caught up. Stick to two or three pieces that will make any outfit look like a Net-a-Porter campaign.

Arm Candy

We’ve cleared out the winter knits but our arms don’t have to be bare. Layer up bracelets for a laid back festival vibe and choosing statement rings is the ultimate manicure to take you right through summer!


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