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It's All About You

March 29, 2021

It's All About You


Amy Russell Taylor was born out of a necessity to create a meaningful connection. After I lost my father I was searching for a way to keep his memory alive and the sentiment of our love close to me. My very first design was my Personalised Charm Necklace with my father’s name surrounded by charms of love, luck and affinities. Ever since then, each of my designs are made with the same intent. Whether it’s to pay tribute to a lost loved one, keepsakes of your family’s bond, symbolisms of friendship or a token of self love, each piece of A R T is designed to cater specifically to you.

Put Yourself First

There’s the jewellery others want to buy for you and then there’s the jewellery you actually want to wear. No one understands the intricacies of your jewellery style quite like you do. So many women these days are treating themselves to beautiful things that will last beyond a lifetime. What better way to show yourself the appreciation you deserve and reward yourself than to truly indulge in a little self love.

Pure Indulgence

The ultimate piece of jewellery for self indulgence. Something you can see all the time and lose hours of your day just staring at your hand. Watching it glisten with diamonds and gemstones as a constant reminder of what you achieved and how special you really are.

The Greatest Love

You are remarkable and shouldn’t be held at ransom by the choices of another. Why wait for gifts of grand gesture when you can receive a gift from the greatest love of all. Yourself. If you don’t deem yourself worthy then how will anyone else.

Our Top Picks

The Love We Lost.

As someone who has lost great loves in my life, I can’t help but find ways to pay homage to them through jewellery design. From charms to handwritten messages to significant gemstones, there’s so many ways to link their memory into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Diamonds In The Sky

Lost loves in our household are known as “diamonds in the sky”. Setting diamonds in your design is a beautiful way to symbolize them in the physical sense as well as the spiritual.

Our Top Picks

Handwritten Messages

If you kept hold of those birthday cards they sent you, a handwritten letter or even their signature off some old documentation, we can take their words and bring them to life by engraving them into your jewellery.

Our Top Picks


Jewellery set with the birthstones of your lost loves is a beautiful reminder of their character. We love the benefits of crystals and strength they can bring from their symbolic properties.

Our Top Picks

  A Whole Lot Of Love.

We know that the love for your family is deep and unconditional. Nothing can compare to it and the ability to express that through the beauty of jewellery cements your bond forever.


We like to call them jewellery tattoos. Although there’s something a bit more comforting about a name on a necklace than there is on your body. But we wear them everyday and they become part of our soul. Extra layers of skin that wrap around your body holding the names of those you love the most.

Our Top Picks

'L' is for Love

An initial is subtle but holds great importance. For a gentler approach to personalisation an initial can be an edgier, slightly cooler way to confess your love.

Our Top Picks

Your Ride Or Die
“We Ride Together, We Die Together.
Bad Boys For Life”

Friendship is a love like no other. It’s the love we choose. The love we understand. Our deepest ally’s and fiercest protectors, our friends deserve to be awarded with a memento of fine jewellery.

Insider Info

Everyone loves an inside joke between friends so why not keep your deepest secrets where they belong….hidden.

Our Top Picks

Soul Sistas

Matching jewellery is like the markings of a tribe. Only worthy of those who share the bond.

Our Top Picks


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