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A R T x Nobleblu

March 14, 2022

A R T x Nobleblu

We've partnered with NobleBlu for an exciting giveaway!

Amy Russell Taylor has teamed up with health and wellness brand, NobleBlu, for an amazing giveaway this month.

Spoil yourself or a loved one with the ultimate bespoke gift worth over £450!

We are giving you the chance to win a £200 NobleBlu Gift Card plus our iconic Personalised 4-Sided Spinning Bar Necklace in either 24ct Gold Plated or Silver (worth up to £275) which we will engrave just for you.

NobleBlu is a health & wellness brand, founded by Alesha Dixon, offering authentic, perfectly balanced and innovative health and wellness products and tips, to support your personal wellness journey.

Balance of Life

“Life is all about balance” says Alesha Dixon, founder of NobleBlu “I eat healthily, and I exercise but I also feel it’s important to listen to your body and support your wellness needs, be it physical health, skin health, or the effects of stress. Ultimately, we are all striving for the right balance in our everyday lives.”

Alesha found it difficult to find a product range that delivered exactly what she needed, so she decided to do something she’d always dreamed of and created her own brand.

“My mantra and now NobleBlu’s mantra is ‘Balance of Life’ - for me life is all about balance. It’s important to be kind to yourself, find time to have fun and not be too strict with your routine - whether that’s what you eat or drink or your exercise routine. Find balance in what you do with flexibility to stray off your regular routine. Try to mix things up a bit so life doesn’t feel so mundane and remember there’s nothing selfish about making time for yourself.”

- Alesha Dixon

NobleBlu’s first range of products was a consciously formulated range of vegan supplements to support a busy lifestyle. NobleBlu supplements contain exactly the right balance of high-quality ingredients and are driven by science. Just like the food we eat, ingredients matter. The entire range of supplements are formulated with naturally sourced, premium, high-quality ingredients.

They also have a curated range of other wellness products to help support a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including beautiful journals and mindcards. There are more exciting products to come in 2022!

Having Alesha already part of the A R T family, with several of our designs in her personal jewellery box, we're thrilled to be collaborating in this way and we look forward to a growing relationship. We strive to find wellness in our lives and often speak of the benefits of crystals as well as taking the time to invest in pieces that will nourish your soul and make you feel extra special when you wear them. This partnership speaks of wellness as a whole. Investing in your health whilst investing in timeless jewellery. Self care doesn't get much better.

NobleBlu have given us an exclusive discount for our customers to shop their entire range, at any time!

Use discount code: ART20 for 20% off site wide.

The "Balance of Life" for Amy

“Balance of life for me is about always doing what feels right. I have really good instincts and if something doesn’t feel right, I won’t do it! Maintaining a good relationship with my own belief system and listening to my intuition. For me, achieving balance means being hands on. I didn’t have kids for someone else to raise them and I didn’t start a business for someone else to control it. I need to be present. Knowing every bump, tear and giggle from my kids. Living every failure, challenge and success of my business and sipping every glass of wine with my husband!”

- Amy Russell Taylor


Amy Russell Taylor x NobleBlu / Published: Mar-14-2022